22 a 24 Mayo - Digital Business World Congress

Technology has changed the business world forever

Companies face nowadays a myriad of challenges and opportunities that have come in the wake of the digital revolution. Sectors as diverse as agriculture, health, banking, industry, retail and tourism all suffer the effects of this global trend. Nevertheless, new business models have been constantly emergining thanks to innovation.

Digital transformation is the path that any company and public institution wishing to survive in today’s world must follow.

Every day thousands of technological solutions appear in all types of industries in response to the needs of SMEs and large corporations. In its growth plans for 2020, the EU included a program of technological momentum as a means of improving the competitiveness of companies, and it created the “Digital Agenda” as an acceleration plan to create unified platforms for its member countries within the area of IT.

However, the speed with which technology has democratised domestic life has not been reflected in the business world. New business models created by start-ups and technology companies have appeared and they have gained a significant market share among companies that are based on traditional models.


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